Sell Your Items Online Worldwide

Got Something to Say, Show, or Sell ?

Sell Your Items Online Worldwide

Got Something to Say, Show, or Sell ?

About Selling

Millions of potential customers are looking for products,
just like yours. Show them what's in your Storefront. 
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Your Ad. is an e-commerce marketplace where enterprising people show their products and creations directly to shoppers and buyers. In Your Ad. you join a community of creative minds. 


List each item for just $0.25 - you only pay transaction and processing fees, when you make a sale.


Our powerful analyitics and tools you manage your Storefront and optimize your business.


When you need help or assistance, we will do our best to answer your questions and resolve your issues.

Safe and Easy to Use

Funds from sales on Your Ad. are automatically deposited into your PayPal or Stripe account

  • US$ 0.25 Listing fee

    Listings are active for four months, or until the item is no longer available.

  • 5% Transaction fee, PayPal/Stripe fee

    When you make a sale, there is a small commission fee and a standard Paypal/Stripe payment processing fee.

Your Ad.uses the PayPal payment gateway and platform to process payments. As the global standard for online transactions, PayPal offers different payment options and accepts all major credit and debit cards, in a secure platform.Buyers can even make credit card purchases without opening a PayPal account.

Your Ad. also uses the Stripe payment gateway and platform, to process payments. As an exciting alternative to PayPal, especially for our Indian community, Stripe also offers different payment methods, as well as accepting all major credit and debit cards. You can even make transactions in most major currencies.

Powerful, easy to use Platform

Our Platform is a powerful, straightforward and user-friendly management tool for your business

Your Ad. App - your Mobile Office

The Your Ad. App let's you take your office on the go. Track sales, manage orders, stay in touch .

User-Friendly payment process

With the PayPal and stripepayment gateways, payments and management are made easy.

Open Your Ad. Storefront to optimize your sales

Our powerful Platform and Analytical tools help you stay in front with your management and decision-making.

Get more shoppers to look

Use our platform to promote your Storefront and products on Your Ad. and social media

What can you sell on Your Ad?

Here is just a partial list of what you can sell on Your Ad. And, during our health challenge, you can even sell your handmade masks !

Our Community speaks

We think Your Ad is pretty great but don’t take our word for it. Hear stories from our sellers about how Your Ad has made a difference for them.

I'm a jewellery junkie who tends to buy a lot of jewellery sets at once. Worst of all, despite my belief in collecting those pieces, I have never worn all of them. I was talking about it with a friend, and she mentioned that she recently discovered a website called Your Ad, where we can sell a variety of products, including jewellery. Although it broke my heart to put my collection up for sale, it is better to sell the jewellery to those who will not store it in the almirah but will wear it on special occasions. With this in mind, I began posting ads for my jewellery, and within a short time, I had a buyer and my jewellery had a new home. If I had more items to sell, I would reach this platform.

I am a huge keeper of vintage items. When I see an antique piece, I can't stop myself from purchasing it, and the best part is that my parents and friends are well aware of my passion. I have a room filled with antiques ranging from cameras to watches. One evening, my father was browsing the internet when he came across Your Ad, and the rest is history. He found a seller who was willing to sell his antique historical pieces from his studio, and he made the purchase and received an antique pocket watch as a gift. Thank you so much for the gift; I will certainly recommend this platform to my colleagues.


How do I Start ?

Getting started selling on Your Ad. Is easy. Just follow the steps below and become part of our Selling Community

  • Open your Storefront. It's simple. This is your homepage on Your Ad. Here, you will upload and store the pictures and information of your items, for public display. Just click on any button that says Open Your Ad. Storefront and you will be taken to the Open Storefront Page. Fill in the required information, pick a catchy name for your Storefront and take a clear picture of your items. You can even upload your Logo to your Storefront.
  • Advertise Yourself ! Once you are ready to show them, list your product(s). The public will now be able to see your product, the description of it and the price of sale and shipping. This step costs just $0.25 per item listed. The listing will stay active for four months, or until the item is no longer available.
  • Selling Fees. Yay ! I made ! Now what ? Congratulations on your first sale. Now you pay two small fees. A 5% Transaction Fee on Sales and Shipping to Your Ad., and the standard PayPal or stripeTransaction Fee.
  • Get paid ! This is the good stuff. The funds from your sales are automatically and directly deposited in your PayPal or stripeaccount. You will be able to keep track of your sales easily and automatically.
Welcome to the Your Ad. Community. We grow together